Making or Replacing Your Horse Trailer Pads

The best way to acquire new trailer pads is to find a local upholster, make it your-self or simply ask someone who is "crafty" to make it for you.

For a replacement trailer pad, carefully remove the existing pad, keeping the pins or screws.

Take apart (unwrap) the pad, keeping the fabric. Throw away the foam, unless it’s in perfect condition, but measure the thickness first.

Keep the back board intact to re-use it.

Measure the fabric, cutting a sample piece.

Take your sample to the local fabric store & purchase vinyl to match & foam to match.

If you are replacing all of the pads, consider the really wild vinyl patterns for a one-of-a-kind interior.

Cut the foam the same size as the board backing & glue onto the board.

Wrap the fabric over the foam & around the board & staple it on the back of the board, matching the other pads.

Re-mount it in your trailer, using the same fasteners if possible.

(Trail Pals carries the black plastic “push pins”, product HTPRC.)

The most common comment we hear is: "My dog or horse ate my pads." Beware & don't let it happen!

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