We Recommend Installing Fender Trim (Edge Guard) on Every Horse Trailer

Fender trim is a flexible edge guard sized to fit over the sharp outer edges of horse trailer fenders. It is easy to measure and easy to install, but the best benefit is that it may save your horse an injury and save you a vet bill.

TYPES: The two types of fender trims that we offer for sale fit up to a 1/8" wide fender edge. One product is self-gluing, the other product has small aluminum clips inside and just pushes on.

MEASURING: Simply measure the fender's outer edge starting at the front edge, down over the teardrop and all the way to the back edge. Round this measurement to the next foot and double the measurement for the correct amount of feet to order for both fenders.

ORDERING: Go to our website. The shortcut is www.trailpals.com . Scroll down the categories on the left side of the main page & click on FENDER TRIM. You will see two types. Each type has a plain black choice & and a fancier chrome choice. You may scroll down & read the information given for each product so you can make an informed decision. Order by the foot.  (A quantity of 20 = 20 feet.)

SHIPPING: Fender trim usually takes 3-5 business days to reach you by US Mail.

INSTALLATION: The only tools you will need for installation are metal snips and a rubber mallet. Starting with one end, loosely measure the fender trim against the fender from front to back. Before cutting, give yourself an extra 3 inches or so, but be sure you are not cutting more than ½ of the total length for one fender, or you will be short for the other side.

Once you have cut the fender trim, simply start at the front bottom edge and tap the trim over the edge with a rubber mallet. Smooth it with the palm of your hand and make sure the edge of the fender is as deep into the trim as it can go. For the glue-on product, the pressure will self-activate the permanent glue inside and it will be permanently set in a few minutes.

The trim with the clips is best installed in a warm day because it will have more flexibility. Or you can warm it up before installing.  It can be slipped right over a fender edge that still has the remnants of glue on it from old fender trim. It is put on the same way, but it clips on instead of glues on. And it can be pushed back on with your hand if a horse paws it off. You can choose to secure the ends with a small screw, but it is not necessary. It will keep its shape beautifully & won't fall off by itself.

Good for you! You are done with this small project & your horses are safer for years to come.

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