Wheel Locks and Key, side view
Wheel Locks and Key, side view

Wheel Lug Nut Lock With KEY

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Part Number:LLWK4
Wheel Lug Nut Lock With KEY- for 1/2" lugs

The beauty of these little wheel locks is that the thieves cannot steal your trailer if you have a tire lock combined with  a wheel nut lock on the tire! They know this & they just keep going. These work on 1/2" lug nuts only, so it will fit small utility trailers and horse & livestock trailer with up to 6 lugs.

Replace one lug nut on each of the four wheels with these lug locks. Keep the "key" handy, because they are numbered exactly to these locks & not interchangeable. The (The tire retailers usually have a whole set of keys, if you forget, and will be able to change your tire, but they won't sell you one.)

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