Water Bucket, Collapsible- Choose 6 or 10 Quart Size

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Collapsible Water Bucket - Choose 6 or 10 Quart Capacity

This bucket is a "Must Have" in a horse trailer, because it fully collapses & can be stored flat anywhere until you need it. Made of 18 ounce vinyl, it's super sturdy & completely waterproof ---it can even be set down when full of water & not topple over. Perfect for offering your horse a drink in the trailer. Makes a great place to store a grain snack for your horse, and he can get his nose in it, too. Easily fits in your saddle bag for the trail. 2 sturdy handles. Choice of 2 colors.  

Made in the USA by World Class Equine


                                                            Made in the USA by World Class Equine

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