UVEX Flat Window, Rectangle
UVEX Flat Window, Rectangle

UVEX Flat Window Panel, Rectangle, in 3 Sizes

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UVEX Tinted Window Panel, Rectangle: choose from 3 sizes in "bronze" tint
 (Shown with aluminum frame, but materials for constructing the frame must be purchased separately)

8in. wide X 15
in. long
in. wide X 18in. long
in. wide X 20in. long
UVEX acrylic 1/8in. thick rectangle-shaped panels are shatter-resistant. The color has a bronze tint that absorbs 65-70% of all UV rays. You will want a window panel larger than the hole measurement, so it overlaps slightly. 

Rectangle UVEX panels are usually installed with an aluminum trim piece or frame constructed of 1' or 1 1/4" wide aluminum lip trim.

We sell it in 12' pieces, cut in half for shipping purposes. You miter & cut to fit. SKU: ATLT

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