Trailer Bumper, Round Rubber -8ft / 96" long, 4" x 8' w/ Pre-Drilled Holes
Trailer Bumper, Round Rubber -8ft / 96" long

Trailer Bumper, Round Rubber -8ft / 96" long, 4" x 8' w/ Pre-Drilled Holes

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Trailer Bumper, Round Rubber -8ft / 96" long, w/ Pre-Drilled Holes
Molded of hard rubber,  hollow in the middle,  96" in length.  Height measurement is the flat back where it is fastened to the trailer. Comes with pre-cut recessed holes for bolt-on installation. If the length of your bumper is shorter than 96", you may still order this bumper, but please measure the bolt-hole locations carefully! The bumpers can be re-positioned back & forth to match a hole pattern or turned upside down also, for a different hole pattern that does not match (if you have to drill new holes in your trailer). They are hollow, and can be cut with a saw. The bumper can also be drilled with additional bolt holes (do it yourself).

Pre-drilled bolt holes: The first hole center is placed 2" inches from each end, then the remaining hole centers are 11 1/2" inches apart. The recessed holes are drilled for a 3/8" bolt (not supplied).

From the left side: bolt holes are centered at: 2", 13 1/2", 25", 36 1/2", 48", 59 1/2", 71", 82 1/2", 94"

OFC: An extra charge in addition to flat-rate shipping charges  for shipping a LARGE, HEAVY OR LONG item by ground.

Trail Pals tip:

For accurate measurements, if the bumper is already removed from the trailer, lay the bumper on a flat surface & measure the flat back for the hole pattern.

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