The Safe CLIP
The Safe CLIP

The SAFE CLIP by Smart Tie

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The SAFE CLIP by Smart Tie

Safe and convenient, The Safe Clip™ is undeniably
 the ultimate horse tying system and training tool!
Keep yourself, & your horse safe while he is tied anywhere.

Lightweight, but heavy-duty, the Safe Clip
is made from die-cast aluminum alloy for strength and resistance to corrosion.
All parts are made in the USA & The Safe Clip is manufactured in Minnesota.
 Spring clip on one end, eye,
 guide and adjustable tensioner for fastening
 a lead rope on the other end.
  • No installation required
  •  easily adjustable for each situation
  • Portable, goes with you everywhere
  • Great inside & outside the trailer
  • Versatile, use to hang hay nets & water buckets
  • A safe tool for cross tying & highlines
Add the Safe Horse-Tying CLIP to your training tools--you'll be glad you did! Should a horse spook and pull back, the Safe Clip allows them to step back and feel a release of pressure while remaining safely and securely tied!

*When using The Safe CLIP in conjunction with The HITie System, you can replace the bungee tether & safely secure a horse to the HiTie arm with a lead rope, using a velcro strap called a TIECLIPATTACH in between. 

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