T Handle, Locking with 2 Keys
T Handle, Locking with 2 Keys

T Handle Door Latch, Steel with Chrome finish- Locking w/ Key

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T Handle Door Latch, Steel w/ Chrome Finish- Locking w/ 2 keys, with 1 1/2" screw centers.

Always paired with a separate slam latch as an operating door latch on trailers. On the back of the T handle, there is a 3/8" deep, 7/8" diameter round stem to insert into a hole the door & a 5/16" square shaft protruding from the center of the round stem, that goes through the door & fits into a 1/4" hole inside the slam latch. Door thickness should be at least 1/4".  After inserting the shaft securely through the door and into a interior slam latch with the matching square hole, just saw off any remaining length of the 3 1/2" shaft on the inside. The door will slam shut, & opens by turning the T handle. When the T handle is locked, the lower part of the handle covers the lower screw, so it makes it hard to break in. 

You may choose to purchase a gasket , & also a striker plate, which helps if your door doesn't shut tightly.

Also, LH or RH slam latches are available in standard or with an inside release handle. More info on Slam Latch page.

*Install with two #12 X 1" or 1/1/4" sheet metal screws, available below.


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