T Handle Door Latch, Stainless Steel- Locking w/ Key

T Handle Door Latch, Stainless Steel- Locking w/ Key

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T Handle Door Latch, Stainless Steel - Locking w/2 keys

Always paired with a separate slam latch as a door fastener on trailers. On the back of the T handle, there is a 1/4" deep, 5/8" diameter round stem to insert into a hole the door & a 5/16" square shaft protruding from the center of the round stem, that goes through the door & fits into a 5/16" hole inside the slam latch. Door thickness should be at least 1/4".  After inserting the shaft securely through the door and into a interior slam latch with the matching square hole, just saw off any remaining length of the 3 1/2" shaft on the inside. The door will slam shut, & opens by turning the T handle. When the T handle is locked, the lower part of the handle covers the lower screw, so it makes it hard to break in.  Polished metal.

*1 1/2" screw centers. Comes with lock & key.

*Install with two #12 X 1" or  1 1/4" sheet metal screws, available on the Fastener page.

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