Steel Hinge Bushing, 1/2" OD X 2 1/4 " L (Out Of Stock)

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Part Number:HBS12

Steel Bushing, 1/2 inch ID X 2 1/4" L (Temp. out of stock)

Used in conjunction with a 1/2" (outer diameter) X 4 1/2" Steel Pin to form a hinge

OR use 3 steel bushings to close a horse trailer divider, by slipping a 7" pin inside them.

These two products are used together in multiple ways to allow livestock trailer doors, dividers, ramps & gates to be able to swing & latch securely shut. They are beautifully machined & fit together perfectly. You will need 2 bushings & one pin to complete each welded application. Unpainted steel. Matching pin is product: HPS12

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