Snap Hook, 5K, SALE

Snap Hook, 5K, SALE

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SNAP HOOK, 5K-- for easily fastening safety chains to the tow vehicle

The 5K snap hook (rated as Class II & III at  5,000 lbs.) takes the place of a  standard "S" hook. For applications such as connecting safety chains to a  trailer. 7/16" in diameter. The snap opening is 5/8". We like these better than the "S" hook type of connector, because they are shaped like an oval, rather than an "S". These slip on better & you don't have to squeeze the end shut after attaching the chain. We can't get these anymore, so they are on clearance sale. Only 9 available.

*Check the diameter of the hole on the chain link to be sure the hook will fit in it, and the weight rating of the chain to be sure it matches the hook. Match the class of the chain & snap to the trailer rating.

*The latch on these Snap Hooks meet all the state's requirements for safety chain hooks, including California.