Collapsible Orange Safety Cone
Collapsible Orange Safety Cone

Safety Cone: Orange, Reflective, Collapsible

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Part Number:TSC15
Safety Cone: Orange, Reflective, Collapsible, 15 1/2" T

Keep this road cone in your tow vehicle or trailer tack room for unexpected roadside emergencies.
A high visibility orange color and reflectors alert people to stay clear of your vehicle during emergency stops.
Stay safe and notify other drivers with this collapsible traffic cone.
  • Collapses compactly for easy storage, 9 5/8" X 9 5/8" X 2" tall. 
  • Optional storage in it's own box.
  • Durable weather resistant polyester/ nylon construction with polypropylene base
  • Built-in reflectors
  • Easily expands to 15-1/2 in.

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