Rubber Window Gasket - sold by the foot

Rubber Window Gasket - sold by the foot

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Rubber Window Gasket
Also known as: One-Piece Self-Sealing Window Weatherstrip

This continuous rubber seal & gasket is made to install a flat panel window with rounded corners, 1/8 in. thick UVEX or Plexiglas into a 16-gauge steel trailer wall. Please order a little longer length than you think you need, because they are hard to measure & it may shrink after being stretched during installation.

*This product does not come with printed instructions for installation. As you look at the side view of the gasket, visualize the bottom channel installed on the trailer body & the top gap is where the window edge is inserted, with the loose flap to the outside. Once the window is in place, the small flap is folded into the gap under the window to lock the window in place. The finished view from the outside is a  smooth rubber seal with a small line all the way around where the flap was folded in.

Rubber gasket locking tool: The installation tool used to fold the flap in place comes from the automotive glass industry and has a small curved or hooked end on it. Stanley 4-tool set sold below.

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