4 Inch Round LED Flashing Road Flare/ Rechargeable
4 Inch Round LED Flashing Road Flare/ Rechargeable

Round Rechargeable LED Road Strobe/Flares

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ORANGE Round Rechargeable Road Strobe/Flare With 16 LEDs & 9 Flashing Patterns
NO Batteries to replace / never need to be opened / waterproof / they float!

4 Inch Round Rechargeable LED Road Strobe/Flares are designed as an alternative to incendiary road flares. They feature nine flash patterns for high visibility including a steady "on" mode and a flashlight mode. The IP67 waterproof rated and crush-proof orange housing includes a magnetic bottom and hanging loop. Stick one on the back of your bicycle seat for great visibility. The flares float, making them well suited to marine applications as well. They feature a continuous run time of 8 to 60 hours depending on which flash pattern is being used and fully recharge in 4-5 hours. 16 ORANGE LED lights in each flare. No BATTERIES needed, like some cheaper models.
Certification: US Department of Transportation.

Individually packaged LED road flares come with a charging cradle, USB cord, and AC adapter. Unlike the same type product that uses 3 batteries, you never have to take this flare apart. Just set plug in the charger's USB cord to a conventional electric outlet or into your car AC adapter. The other end plugs into a charging cradle that sticks to the strobe with a magnet. When the cradle is place in the right position on the magnets, a green light will appear on the cradle & the plug, so that you know it is charged.
Flash 1: Rotate=15 (run time hours)
        Flash 2: Quad-Flash=15 (run time hours)
          Flash 3: Single-Blink=60 (run time hours)
    Flash 4: Alternate=10 (run time hours)
                    Flash 5: SOS (Morse Code)=10 (run time hours)
             Flash 6: Solid-On (High)=8 (run time hours)
               Flash 7: Solid-On (Low)=35 (run time hours)
                Flash 8: 2 LED Flashlight=30 (run time hours)
                Flash 9: 4 LED Flashlight=10 (run time hours)

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