4 Inch Round LED Flashing Road Flare/ Rechargeable
4 Inch Round LED Flashing Road Flare/ Rechargeable

Round Rechargeable LED Road Strobe/Flares

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ORANGE Round Rechargeable Road Strobe/Flare With 16 LEDs & 9 Flashing Patterns
NO Batteries to replace / never need to be opened / waterproof!

4 Inch Round Rechargeable LED Road Strobe/Flares are designed as an alternative to incendiary road flares. They feature nine flash patterns for high visibility including a steady "on" mode and a flashlight mode. The IP67 waterproof rated and crush-proof orange housing includes a magnetic bottom and hanging loop. The flares float, making them well suited to marine applications as well. They feature a continuous run time of 8 to 60 hours depending on which flash pattern is being used and fully recharge in 4-5 hours. 16 ORANGE LED lights in each flare. No BATTERIES needed, like some cheaper models.
Certification: US Department of Transportation.

Individually packaged LED road flares come with a charging cradle, USB cord, and AC adapter. Unlike the same type product that uses 3 batteries, you never have to take this flare apart. Just set plug in the charger's USB cord to a conventional electric outlet or into your car AC adapter. The other end plugs into a charging cradle that sticks to the strobe with a magnet. When the cradle is place in the right position on the magnets, a green light will appear on the cradle & the plug, so that you know it is charged.
Flash 1: Rotate=15 (run time hours)
        Flash 2: Quad-Flash=15 (run time hours)
          Flash 3: Single-Blink=60 (run time hours)
    Flash 4: Alternate=10 (run time hours)
                    Flash 5: SOS (Morse Code)=10 (run time hours)
             Flash 6: Solid-On (High)=8 (run time hours)
               Flash 7: Solid-On (Low)=35 (run time hours)
                Flash 8: 2 LED Flashlight=30 (run time hours)
                Flash 9: 4 LED Flashlight=10 (run time hours)

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