Round Butterfly Vent GASKET

Round Butterfly Vent GASKET

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Round Butterfly Vent Gasket, with pre-drilled holes

Made to perfectly fit the round aluminum vent. Closed cell foam means the gasket won't absorb water, and the vent won’t leak when shut. Works best if silicone is used on both sides of the gasket. Much neater than using weather-stripping or caulk, but you need to know that if you use this gasket, the vent will not lay perfectly onto the flat surface of the trailer wall because the vent is 1/8" thick & the gasket is 3/16" thick. Once installed, from a side view, you will see the uniform black edge of the gasket all the way around---but it looks professional.

Gasket is 3/16" thick, 1" wide material, 5 1/2" ID, 7 1/2" OD.
We recommend using the vent & gasket together for vents installed on exterior walls of trailers.

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