Replacing Trailer Fenders…Measurements                 & Info Needed Before You Start Looking
Replacing Trailer Fenders…Measurements & Info Needed Before You Start Looking

Stretch out: On the top, start from the front center lower lip & measure the length over the fender to the same place on the back lower lip. ___________

Tip to Tip: Measure across the fender length, lip to lip at the bottom._______

Height:  Place a board on the fender & measure from the lower lip to the bottom of the board._______

Width:  Under the fender, measure from the trailer wall out to the outside tip of the fender._________

Radius:  Examine how the fender is shaped. Does it have a curved lip on the outside edge? ________

Does it have a curve where it is fastened to the trailer?__________

 So, does it have one radius or two?  Measure the flat portion of the trailer fender before it starts to curve on either side, & compare this to the total width.__________ This fender has one? or two?   ___” radius (curved areas).

How is the fender fastened to the trailer? Bolted on -how wide is the flat lip there on the trailer side? Or, welded on-- and what is the measurement of the lip on the trailer side? _________________

Is there a “fender welt”? (small piece installed between the fender & the wall of the trailer)_____   What is it made of? Rubber, flexible steel, etc.____________

What is the fender material: steel or aluminum? _____________

Measure the thickness of the fender material ACCURATELY---1/16", 1/8"--or thicker?______________________

Visual verification & reference: Take some good close-up pictures with your cell phone of the fender that needs repair AND the fender that does not need repair.

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