Positive Door Hoolder, Nylon 6"
Positive Door Hoolder, Nylon 6"

Positive Door Holder, in Plastic /Nylon, 6"

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Part Number:PDHN6

Plastic/Nylon Positive Door Holder w/ Bracket-  6"

Designed to hold doors open against the side of a trailer body, the NYLON hook manually engages and disengages. The brackets are made from injection molded nylon/plastic, in a medium gray color. These are a big improvement over the original installed on most trailers---these are industrial strength! The stems are now a pliable 3/8" thick NYLON, and would be very hard to break.

Actually holds a door about 5 1/2" away from a wall.

*Screw centers are 1" apart on the short side, and 2 3/16" apart on the long side of the mounting bracket. Both sides have the same size bracket AND the hole pattern matches our zinc & stainless steel positive door holders EXACTLY, in case you want to replace one with the nylon product.

*Fastens to trailer with eight #8 or #10 sheet metal screws per set

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