Panic Snap, Heavy-Duty
Panic Snap, Heavy-Duty

Panic Snap with Swivel, in Chrome/Nickel or Brass

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Panic Snap with Swivel: Heavy Duty, in "Chrome" or "Brass"

This is a large & strong quick release snap for emergency situations, 4 1/2" long, commonly used with dogs & horses, and they cannot open the snap themselves.  The size allows a good grip on the moveable bar in the center which is pulled down to open the snap & release the animal. There is an arrow clearly stamped on the product showing which way to pull for release.

The snap side opening can be used on up to a 1/2" bar or ring. The rope side can be used with any 3/4"- 5/8" pliable material. The swivel is an added feature, so the animal won't get tangled up in the rope.

Choose bright nickel plated (shiny chrome look) for rust resistance, OR brass plated (an alloy of copper & zinc containing more than 50 percent copper), also rust resistant.

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