Lead Rope Clamps, in Nickel or Brass

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   Lead Rope Clamps, in "Nickel" or "Bronze"

These rope clamps are an item you'll want to keep in your emergency parts kit. Many times when a tied horse pulls back, the rope doesn't break---but the rope clamp opens and it and the halter snap gets flung off somewhere. Always keep one or two rope clamps in your trailer. With this item, a halter lead rope can  easily be repaired on the spot with just a hammer or a pliers. Works best on  1/2" diameter rope, or possibly up to a 5/8" thick rope that can easily be compressed into a 3/4" space, like a standard halter rope or lead. Simply place a clamp, flat side down on a sturdy surface. Place the rope pieces side by side in the center. Then bend the prongs over each rope side each until the rope is fastened tightly.

The nickel/zinc plated clamp is a more industrial-looking clamp. The bronze clamp is fancier & smooth  looking. Both bend about the same & hold the same strength. The only other way to fashion a lead rope end into a circle is to braid it. Using a clamp is much easier & faster, and they hold well.

Choose bright nickel plated (shiny chrome look) for rust resistance, OR bronze plated (an alloy of copper & tin), also rust resistant.

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