Door/ Ramp Stop, 2 1/2" W X 1 1/4" T
Door/ Ramp Stop, 2 1/2" W X 1 1/4" T

LARGE/TALL Round Door Stop (for ramps)

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Part Number:DSRR212T

Large/TALL Round Door Stop (for Ramps)

This door stop gives the most finger clearance when lifting a ramp, but has the same footprint as the standard large door stop.

1 1/4" tall X 2 1/2" in diameter,  black, made of a very hard molded rubber/polymer.

Installed in multiples on the bottom of trailer entry ramps where they rest on the ground. Allows plenty of room to get your fingers under the ramp in order to safely lift it. This is a heavy-duty replacement "door stop".

*Install with a 14 X 1 1/2" sheet metal screw and a #14 X 1 1/4" washer

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