HT Pad 9" X 60" BLACK

HT Pad 9" X 60" BLACK

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Horse Trailer Wall Pads

Made in the USA

The standard color is black, with a grain design on it that resembles leather.

Important Product Info: These pads are constructed of a soft, but strong vinyl, sewn over 1" foam onto a rigid cardboard backing. This creates a 1" flat border area. We have had them in our trailer (stored outdoors in a rainy environment) for three years with no problem.

Pad your slant-load and straight-load trailer dividers and walls. Mount with appropriate fasteners along the 1" border, where there is no padding.

Single rectangular trailer pads in any combination are priced as follows:


9"W  X  60"L

$23.00 each


9"W  X  40"L

$17.00 each


9"W  X  24"L

$12.00 each


9"W  X  12"L

$8.00 each

60" pads are for side walls with no access doors or slant-load dividers.

*60" trailer pads have an extra charge of $5. EACH for the oversize box. (The other size pads are sold below.)

40" pads are for trailer walls with escape doors or slant-load dividers.

24" pads are for breast or butt pads.

12" pads are for escape doors.

Horse Trailer Pad Fastener Options:

We sell #8 1/2" or 3/4" long steel/zinc screws & washers to mount these pads to any wood, steel or aluminum trailer surface. We also have 1” Black Retainer Clip, also known as “Push Pins.” See Related Items below for more information on these products.

For installing pads on aluminum surfaces, order coated TEK screws from the Fasteners Page. You won't need washers, but if you want these screws to match the black color of the pad, we recommend painting them with either a paint pen or black permanent marker!

HOW MANY DO YOU NEED? Our (Minimum) Suggestion:

4 fasteners for each 12" pad

8 fasteners for each 24" pad

10 fasteners for each 40" pad

14 fasteners for each 60” pad

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