Aluminum Flat Trim
Aluminum Flat Trim

Flat Trim, Aluminum, 3/4" x 12'

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Aluminum Flat Trim, 12'

This shiny aluminum trim is used anywhere you want to hide a seam on a trailer & does not have sharp edges (the edges are rolled). Commonly called chrome trim (but it's not chrome). It can be bent around a gentle curve. Fasten with glue & rivets. Because of shipping, scratches are common for this product & can be buffed out with rubbing compound and/or a bench grinder with a buffing wheel.

It is sold in 12 foot sections, but is usually cut in half before shipping & you will receive two 6 ft. pieces in a tube.

**Indicate if you want your order of flat aluminum trim shipped ROLLED in 12' pieces. It costs $1.00 more per stick to roll it & you need to understand that these rolls are dangerous to unroll & could do damage to a person if not handled carefully. Everyone in the area will need eye protection & gloves when unpacking the aluminum trim from the package, no exceptions!

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