• Sheet Metal Screws Sheet Metal Screws
    The are the carefully selected screws we recommend to mount our assorted products. Choose standard or self-drilling, in graduated sizes, #6, #8, #10, #12 & #14.
  • Washers Washers
    These washers match our screws and help the screw to hold a wider area.
  • Strap Loops Strap Loops
    Also known as footman loops, used to attach flat, wide straps to walls. Holds 1', 1 1/2" & 2" wide straps.
  • Plastic Retainer Clips Plastic Retainer Clips
    These plastic retainer clips help fasten our trailer pads to trailer walls.
  • TORX Screws TORX Screws
    Torx Screws are the preferred fastener used to attach floor beams to a metal trailer frame.
  • TEK Screws TEK Screws
    TEK Screws are a SPEX-coated screw with a flush wide head used to fasten any product to steel or aluminum trailers. Self drilling. Made in USA
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Cushioned Wall Fastener, 1/2
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