EZ JACK, from Blaylock Industries
EZ JACK, from Blaylock Industries

EZ JACK Aluminum Tandem-Axle Trailer Jack

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   EZ Jack( it's all you'll ever need in a tire jack!)

Constructed of Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum (no welds)  Made is the USA! Lifetime warranty!

EZ Jack was designed as an easy to use, safe and reliable device for changing tires on tandem axle trailers. Its unique rocker shape allows trailer operators to simply drive the trailer onto the EZ Jack to elevate the tire to change. No more hassling with awkward jacks or wooden blocks.

Easy to use: In most cases you simply place the EZ Jack, rocker side up, under the good tire and drive up the rocker until the tire to be serviced has cleared the ground. For trailers with low fenders, EZ Jack can be used in reverse position, with the rocker side down for 2 inches additional height. In either position, once the tire has been changed, simply drive carefully off the low end of the EZ Jack.

Rugged: EZ Jack is made of heavy-duty, cast aluminum. It is designed for rugged use, extreme weight and weather variations. Its one-piece construction and light weight allows for ease in handling and storage. It is guaranteed against breakage when used under normal conditions.

Functional: EZ Jack also functions as an excellent wheel chock when in the reversed position. It is designed to provide a firm hold on just about any surface. It is ideal for parking your trailer or chocking on inclines.

EZ Jack also serves as the perfect solution for leveling recreational vehicles. Its light weight and one-piece design make storage easy.

Weight: 9 lbs., 7 oz. Dimensions: 21"L x 7"H x 6"W

Rated at 20,000. lbs


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