Aluminum Two-Way Roof Vent, LOW PROFILE

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Two-Way Vent Gasket, Low Profile, WITHOUT Adhesive [+$3.00]
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LP Vent Trim, for 1 1/4" Tall, NOT AVAILABLE IN BLACK [+$4.75]
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LP Trim, for 1 3/4" Wall [+$4.75]
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Two-Way Roof Vent, Mill Aluminum (Natural Silver Color), Low Exterior Profile

Two-way vents can be opened either backwards (in case of rain or to
vent heat out of the trailer) or forward (to scoop air into the trailer for ventilation). They also shut beautifully & don't leak when closed.

This LOW PROFILE roof vent can also be placed vertically on the SIDES of all types of trailers or toy haulers, for more ventilation. Remember, they generally operate from the inside, but can be manually closed from the outside. The closed lid protrudes only 3/4" on the exterior when shut, and 2 1/4" when open in either position. The handles protrude almost 3" from the wall or ceiling on the inside of the trailer, and is not recommended as a vent for equine trailers.

We have upgraded our roof vents we offer you the best & safest roof vent on the market today! The 3 metal interior blades that were a danger are now eliminated--much safer! The interior handle with which to position the vent lid is fastened on much more securely and it is easier to grasp. It has a ergonomic grip -one squeeze of the handle relieves the sealing force for simple opening in either direction. In addition, there is a full-size neoprene gasket in the lid to prevent leaks.

We recommend installing a closed-cell roof gasket made specifically for this roof vent to prevent leaking. The gasket has 10 pre-drilled holes that match the vent. These gaskets also make a great template for cutting a perfect hole in the trailer roof. Gaskets old separately below.

Vent dimensions: 6 5/8" wide x 11 7/8" long

Roof hole size: 5 1/8" wide x 10 3/8" long (inside measurements of gasket)

*There are trim rings available for this vent, in black or white color.

*We recommend using 10 sheet metal screws, size #10 X 3/8", stainless steel to install this vent, sold below: SKU: SMS10X38SS

You may have to end up grinding the tips of the screws down.

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