Aluminum Slot Molding-choose Even or Uneven lip
Even lip-for trailer seams that are flat

Aluminum Slot Molding-choose Even or Uneven lip

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Aluminum Slot Molding:
Choose Even or Uneven Lip

This polished aluminum trim is designed to hide body seams on the trailer, it's decorative & looks professional. It holds the colored vinyl insert in place.

Choose your product: Where there is an upper curve involved, such as where the roof meets the side walls, choose the product with an uneven lip (as shown on left). For flat seams, choose the product with an even lip (both lips are exactly the same).

This trim can be bent around a gentle curve. Fasten with glue & rivets. Slot molding trim is sold in 12 foot sections, but is cut in half before shipping (you will receive two 6 ft. pieces).

There are usually three pieces to this project. Once the molding with the slot is applied, there is a 1" wide, long piece of colored pliable vinyl trim that is inserted into the slot, call vinyl insert.  After the vinyl insert is installed, finish the project with an aluminum end cap at the ends. This looks neat & professional.

*Vinyl insert & end caps sold in this category..

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