30" X 20" Drop-Down Feed Door/ On SALE!
Mustang Series DDW Feed Door w/ black frame

30" X 20" Drop-Down Feed Door/ On SALE!

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Drop-Down Windows serve as a horse trailer "feed-door" and window combined!
MUSTANG SERIES,  30" Wide X 20" Tall,  with black frame

The Mustang Series Drop-Down Feed Door/ Window is a heavy-duty slider-style window, with a centered rounded handle for easy handling of the window, and it is hinged at the bottom.The large tinted slider-style safety-glass panels allows more screened ventilation with the window in the upright position. These windows feature an intricate hinge system, and an aluminum frame with bars (called a face cage or face guard) on the inside, that opens & closes separately, but can remain up when the window  portion is "dropped down", for optimum ventilation and the horse's protection. This product's face cage has 5 vertical bars and the bar in the center opens or shuts the cage by sliding it up & down. This window is heavier than previous models, featuring 2 heavy-duty hinges, large locking center handle, a thicker frame, larger slam bolt on the "cage", and larger aluminum bars that are riveted in (replaceable if need be). Lots of air & light for the horse from the inside. These windows will fit in the same rough hole openings as the Slim Line Series, in case you want to upgrade.

* Heavy all-aluminum frame, in black
*Lowered center handle latch, locking w/ key
* Automotive rubber seal around the outer window and the frame
* Drop-down protective aluminum cage

*All windows are black frame with tinted "smoke" colored safety glass.

*window purchase includes inner mill finish aluminum trim piece (clamp ring), a $20.00 value.

**These windows may not match the style of your trailer's existing windows.  Please look carefully to be sure the SHAPE of the window is a match.

*The radius of the corners is 3.305 inches. 90 degree radius. All window measurements are the rough hole opening measurement.

If you are measuring the outside window frame, both height & width should measure 1/1/4" larger than the rough hole opening.

The windows shown installed on the trailer shown are the same model of window that we are offering for sale..              

*most of the time you will need eighteen  #8 X 1/2" sheet metal screws for installation with a properly-sized clamp ring. We think you should re-use the screws you remove from the original window, if possible, because they are already perfect size for your application.

DIY disclaimer: Anytime you are going to cut a hole in your trailer, we recommend you be perfectly sure of what your are doing. If you have not done this before, or you are not sure of how this window installs, please take the trailer to a professional. These windows do not come with DIY instructions, because if you have any questions, don't do it yourself!!

We recommend that all parts and accessories be installed by a professional. If you choose to install them yourself, Trail Pals will not be responsible for any damage caused to yourself or your property.

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