14" X 14" Domed Roof Ventilator INSTALLATION KIT

Your Price: $22.95

 Installation Kit for 14" X 14" Roof Ventilator

This kit includes everything you need to install the 14" X 14" roof vent shown above, without wasting sealant.

The kit includes 28 #8 X 3/4" self-drilling hex-head sheet metal screws (to install the vent), 4 #6 X 1" sheet metal screws (to install the garnish) and a  2.7 ounce tube of LOCTITE Superflex RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant on a card with info on the back.

This silicone adhesive can be used on most surfaces, including rubber, metal & wood. The tube of sealant includes an applicator & a screw-on cap so you can re-use any leftover.

You pay less than if you bought the screws & sealant separate, and there is NO WASTE! Sealant is also sold separately on the FASTENER page.

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