Trailer Eyes® Plus --2.4 GHz Monitoring System

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Trailer Eyes® Plus --2.4 GHz Monitoring System - Only ONE available as of 5/10

The new & improved 2.4 GHz camera system includes two boosters antennas with clamps, because there are many wireless devices on the road now that send, process & receive data including your cell phone, blue tooth & Wi-Fi.  Trailer Eyes® Plus avoids the frequency jam inside your truck and any signal blockage from the trailer's metal frame.

This system works for a trailer 45 feet or less (4 horse trailer or less, with or without living quarters, either a goose neck or bumper pull). Also works for a non-moving distance of 400 ft. (for instance, as a foal monitor between house & barn).
Note: Unit is not designed for use with multiple cameras.

The monitoring system can be set up using all kinds of power sources: A 9V battery, 12V trailer lighting system power, 12V car lighter power, or vehicle emergency jump start battery pack.

We guarantee that you can setup Trailer Eyes® in a few minutes and embark on a worry-free trailering journey. We believe a reliable trailer camera system is a safety device essential for today’s rider. Trailer Eyes® Plus has a  simple installation and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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