Door Holder, Adjustable Nylon
Door Holder, Adjustable Nylon

Door Holder, Adjustable Nylon (Both are temp. out of stock)

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Adjustable Nylon Door Holders (aka Screen Door Holders) OUT OF STOCK

This just might be the solution you have been looking for to hold trailer, feed doors or any door in an open position, especially on aluminum  trailers. The door side adjusts between a soft and hard pull with the turning of a screw located on the male side: Genius! Also, because they are made of nylon, they are compatible with any wall material.

Trail Pals tip:

This prevents tugging on your expensive feed door

*Use four #10 sheet metal screws to fasten the nylon door holder

1 5/8" screw centers on the door side, 2" screw centers on the wall side.

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